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Shetland Wool Yarn 100% Fibershed certified, available in 7 gorgeous natural colors, perfect for next-to-skin color work, adorably squishy 

$30 at 400yds per skein, lopi spun, single ply fingering

Romney Mix Wool Yarn 100% Fibershed certified, perfect for sweaters and outerwear, beautiful natural brown color, award winning Romney fleece mixed

with other wools. $20 at 200yds, heavy worsted weight, single ply yarn

Naturally Dyed Yarn 100% Fibershed certified, local Shetland wool perfect for

next-to-skin color work, adorably squishy 

$38 at 400yds per skein, lopi spun, single ply fingering

Perendale Lamb's Wool Sliver Beautiful dark chocolate brown/black fiber, 

100% Fibershed certified    Sold as $10 per ounce, or price break at $80 per pound

Dorset Cross Lambs Wool 100% Fibershed certified, sold as $5 per ounce

Image not yet available

Basic Wool Sliver available in white, gray, brown. Good for basic projects or beginning spinners Sold as $2.50 per ounce, $40 per pound

Mixed Fibers Batting Dimensions: approx. 6' x 6'   White batting is made from very short fiber but good for core felting, quilting, stuffing, saddles.

Colored batting is in 9oz rolls, made from re-carded mill ends, good for felting, quilting, stuffing, hand spinning. 

Sold per unit, or at $40 per pound, 1lb minimum

Carded Wool Cloud short fiber carded fluff, 100% wool, good for stuffing, saddle making, or as core wool in needle felting. $10/lb

Mixed Fibers mostly wool possible other fibers, mill ends,

colors are light or dark grab bag
Good for felting and hand spinning, Sold as 4oz each= $12

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