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Services Available

Fiber Prerequisites:

*minimum 3", see notes below for maximum staple length

*minimum lot size: 10lbs per wash lot (7lbs for alpaca)

*free from the following:

-wood chips

-wood shavings

-large burs

-heavily matted areas

-please take time to skirt your fleeces beforehand-

*Excessively problematic fiber will be heavily skirted and a $50/hour charge will be added to invoice. 

*Scouring costs due upon fiber arrival


Scouring & Picking:   $6.50/lb (incoming weight)

Scouring costs are in addition to the following processing costs

Carding:   $19/lb for batting, clouds, and sliver (finished weight)  

 Pin Drafted Roving:  $23/lb (finished weight)

Spinning:   Single Ply: $28/lb     Two Ply: $36/lb (finished weight)

An example of fiber processing: Your incoming wool weighs 10lbs, that will cost $6.50/lb= $65 for scouring (washing). The wool loses some weight after it is cleaned and processed. If you receive 7lbs of 2ply yarn it is an additional $252 for processing (7lbs x $36/lb). The total cost of everything is $317 in this scenario. 

To place an order, or get more info, please send an email! 

Drop off and pick up days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please send an email to discuss details and times, as well as alternative days.

=We do not accept Babydoll Southdown, it is too problematic for our machinery.

About Our Processing

=Alpaca, llama, mohair, and slippery types of wool (Wensleydale, Cotswold, sometimes Navajo Churro, etc.) must be blended with a minimum of 30% wool

=Fibers are not dehaired.

=We are not currently accepting new customers for spun yarn. Only orders for roving or batting at this time.

=Please watch our social media for occasional tour dates that will be offered.=

Inquiries on wool processing:

=We cannot card fine wools at this time, fibers 27 micron and up are acceptable. Shetland, Corriedale, CVM, and Targhee wools have been processed successfully, however there are fine micron flocks within these breeds

that could possibly be too soft.

=We recommend sending fine micron wools to Morro Fleece Works to turn into roving which we will gladly spin into yarn for you. MFW does not spin yarn so it has been a benefit to both of us to recommend each other's mills.

=Comments on staple length: Navajo Churro in a 8" staple length has been successfully processed, however Wensleydale cross in a 6" staple was not successful. Maximum staple length accepted varies depending on wool type. Send me an email to discuss what you have.

=Customer's incoming wool is their outgoing product. The quality of the yarn is directly related to the quality of the fiber provided.The best quality yarn is made from fleece which is: clean with very little veg. matter, at least 3" in staple length, free of short belly wool and second cuts.

Specifically Romney cross does great on my machinery: Romney x Corriedale, Suffolk, Finn, Cheviot, any of these crosses are great.

=We reserve the right to refuse incoming fiber that does not meet quality standards.

=After 30 days, any unpaid completed orders are subject to late fees or will become the property of Valley Oak Wool & Fiber Mill.

=Fiber that we cannot process will be shipped back at the customer's expense or discarded.

=Customer pays for any return shipping. 

=All prices are subject to change without notice. Latest price change: 5/1/22

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